The creation of the PG-blog theme started right after reading the excellent tutorial Web Design in 4 minutes from Jeremy Thomas. The idea was to create a super simple, light and efficient blog theme without using Bootstrap or Foundation frameworks and of course with Pinegrow WP.

PG-Blog is a very light and responsive Free WordPress parent theme dedicated to blog writers who like simplicity and who want to focus on the content.

It is fully designed with Pinegrow WP with simple HTML and CSS. There are no fancy animations, no javascripts and no marketing gimmicks.

You can use the PG-Blog theme for personal and commercial purposes. It’s also a great way to learn about how to create websites with Pinegrow.

Note: This the the very first version of the PG-Blog theme and while we are working hard to provide a clean result, some issues are still possible 🙂


Theme Templates

The theme only contains 4 main templates:

  1. index.html > index.php
  2. single.html > single.php
  3. page.html > page.php
  4. author.hml > author.php

The structure is very basic and does not (currently) make use of external templates parts other than the headers and footers.

Also, the theme does not have a Menu and the navigation is exclusively available through the site logo that you can replace from the WordPress theme customizer. Visitors can also use the navigation links available on the index and posts pages.

Theme Plugins

The demo site make use of 4 main plugins:

  1. Disqus comment system: To handle the comments from your visitors.
  2. Pastacode: To handle the display of code snippets in posts and pages.
  3. User Photo: To handle the photo of the authors on the author pages.
  4. And a customized version of the Starter Theme Functionality Plugin that you can find in the theme package. (read more about this special plugin on the Starter Theme product page)

Note: If you want to clone the behavior of the demo site, you will have to install these 4 plugins.

Download, install & customize the Theme

  1. Download the theme
  2. In WordPress, from the Appearance > Themes > Add new > Upload Theme > select (the ZIP file that you have just downloaded)
  3. Install and activate the theme
  4. Select Customize and tweak the theme according to your likings
  5. Select Your latest posts as Static Front page
  6. Install the recommended plugins (the Starter Theme Functionality Plugin is included in the theme ZIP file)
  7. Start writing cool posts!


How to edit the Theme

While you can use the PG-Blog theme as is, you can also download the Pinegrow WP source files from Github and fully edit and transform the theme in Pinegrow!

Note: Basic SASS versions of the stylesheets (CSS) are available in the theme package. You can have a look at my workflow to handle SCSS documents with Pinegrow and external applications HERE.


More …

Stay tuned! In the coming weeks, we will add more details about how to setup and customize the PG-Blog theme.