A very tiny but useful update is available from the automatic theme update provided through Github Updater.

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v1.1.4 contains an alternative for the the User Photo plugin which was previously recommended for the PG-Blog theme but which is (apparently) no longer maintained.

This is the first step of a series of theme updates based on the ACF Pro plugin.

Have a look at our recent post about how to use ACF Pro with Pinegrow WP

NOTE: Using the ACF Pro plugin is not mandatory to update AND use the v1.1.4 of the PG-Blog theme. You can currently stick to the User Photo plugin (or no plugin at all).

How to proceed?

  • Purchase, install and activate the ACF Pro plugin on your WordPress setup.
  • From the Appearance menu, update the PG-Blog theme. (you should get the notification shortly)

  • Deactivate the User Photo plugin (if it’s activated)
  • From the Custom Fields menu, you will find a notification telling you that a Sync is available.
  • Click on the Sync available link.


  • Click the check box for User Profile then click on the Sync link.


  • From the Users menu, select Your Profile
  • Scroll to the end of the page and you can now set your Profile picture. (the picture will be visible on the author page)


  • While you are editing your profile, you can also also add your Biographical info so your author page will be well documented 😉


Have a look at my Author Page.

Stay tuned for more!