Today is the last day of our Summer sale with 20% off all editions of Pinegrow Web Editor.

We hope you had a good summer with enough rest and lots of sun (or rain, whatever you prefer).

Purchasing a license now will also get you 1 year of updates, including Pinegrow 3.0 released in next months.


Get Pinegrow for 20% less

And if you own a Pinegrow license already, this is a great chance to stock-up on extra Pinegrow copies for your friends or company.

While you were away…

In case you missed our announcements during the summer – in July we released an update with many significant improvements, like:

  • Double-click on the image to change the picture.
  • Copy images located outside of project folder to the project.
  • Classes are shown in the document tree.
  • Property for setting background image.
  • More stable inline editing and much more.

Check out the release notes for details and the complete list of improvements.

Power-up with Pinegrow

Pinegrow has lots of features that can speed up your web development workflow. We prepared a couple of tutorials to make the learning curve easier:

See the complete list of Pinegrow tutorials and sample projects.

What’s next

Next week we’ll release another important Pinegrow update. Most likely that will be the last release in the 2.x family. After that it will be time for Pinegrow 3.0 with lots of web development goodness. We’ll tell you more about it soon.